How To Reduce Time Cleaning

How To Reduce Time Spent Cleaning In Your Home

In this busy everyday life we can’t afford to waste a lot of time on cleaning chores. Not that we don’t want our homes to be in perfect condition we just don’t have the physical strength to deal with them when we get back from work. On top of this there are other chores awaiting our attention like the laundry and dinner, children’s homework etc. Moreover we need to have some rest and take care for our appearance because the society still is interested in it. So how to reduce time cleaning in our homes?

Is There A Way To Reduce Time Cleaning

The result of this is a messy house to take care at the end of the week. It means you will be occupied when you should be resting or spending your time with some pleasure activities. In order to avoid that there are some steps you may wish to look though and see if they work for you. I find them extremely useful and time saving although making the whole plan work takes a lot of time and quite the efforts but the result is really good.

Before you decide you want to try the tips don’t expect fast results it took me around two months to get on the track but now I don’t spend a lot in time cleaning the house and have the weekend for myself. Of course when it is time for the annual cleaning I do have extra work but this is not a problem at all because in most cases I use the help of professional cleaning specialists. Not only they help me get the house in perfect condition but also give me valuable advice on cleansing.

This Works For Me – Try It

So here are the methods I use in order to cope with all the chores around the house and combine them with my children and my husband. It is not an easy task and sometimes I’m really tired but that’s why weekends are for. As from Friday night I don’t touch a single cleaning tool around the house, sometimes I don’t even cook but on Sundays I take care for the laundry. Enough small-talk it’s time to get to business.

I have divided the cleaning chores in two categories daily and weekly, so they can include the entire house. I have also broken them into pieces and transferred some of the weekly ones onto daily, that way they can’t build up and the house looks cleaner. Dusting is one of those chores which is a responsibility of my children, just like mopping and vacuuming. All of those chores don’t take more than ten minutes because they’re done everyday.

Moreover all of the shelves don’t have much stuff on them, there are no carpets except in the living room. The rest is hardwood flooring which makes cleaning easy and there are rugs at the entrance of each room to trap most of the soil and dirt. We also have these amazing microfibre slippers which help a lot with the cleaning while you’re walking around the house they absorb small dust particles and impurities.

Moving on with the cooking and the major cleaning chores, my husband helps me a lot after we get home we decide who is going to cook and who’s going to clean. We decided that it will be more productive and time saving if everyday a room is thoroughly cleaned, so this is exactly what we do. There are five rooms on for each day of the work week, we use the section cleaning method – divide the room into small sectors and clean them one at a time.

As I told you it is a little hard to execute and it takes some time to get used to the idea of forcing yourself, but there is a plus side to all. Not only my home is a cleaner and tidier place but I stay fit without going to the gym. If at some point you feel like you can’t cope with everything hire the cleaning specialists, they’ll save you precious time which you can spend with your family watching films or playing games and their services are not as expensive as most people think