Green Cleaning Basics

3 Easy Recipes for Green Cleaning Solutions

We live in a time when the environment is put second. We seem to forget that we are the ones who depend on Mother Nature not the other way around. There are so many chemicals we constantly use and we don’t even think about it. Take for example our food, can you remember when was the last time you tasted something which is 100% natural. We’re get sick more often compared to the past generation and we continue to use more and more chemicals. In this article Carpet Cleaning London will give you some eco-friendly cleaning solutions and what are the alternatives to commercial cleaning products.

One of the aspects in our life where we totally depend on chemicals is eliminating bacteria. We use harsh chemicals because the germs are durable but this has to stop because we harm our health. Fortunately there are many eco-friendly solvents which work just fine if not better than the toxic ones. We would like to give you some advice how to choose the right ones and what are the alternatives to commercial cleaning products.

How To Avoid Toxic Cleaning Solutions?

Next time you’re in the market seeking a detergent for the dishes or windows pay attention to the label. If it has any warning labels don’t purchase it because most certainly it contains toxins and represents harm to your health. If you’re wondering why are they so dangerous we’ll tell you – over time those chemicals become air born and you inhale them. It is proven that some chemicals cause allergies, asthma and even cancer if you’re exposed to their influence for too long.

In the best case scenario you’ll greatly reduce the air quality in your home and weaken your immune system. Fortunately there are two alternatives to those solvents, you can make them yourself. We prefer to tell you about the first approach because some of us practice it and because it is cheaper. First we have to start with the ingredients you’ll need for your new organic cleaners.

 How To Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions?

We’ll start with something simple – an all-purpose cleaner you can use for almost any surface and carpet, rug, upholstery stain cleaner. All the recipes which we’ll give you are easy to make and the ingredients are cheap. Here is the list and further on we’ll give you through instructions. Citrus fruit peels, brown sugar, yeast, baking or washing soda and hydrogen peroxide.

 All-purpose Green Cleaner

You’ll need a container with a lid large enough to hold two cups of citrus peels, seven tablespoons of brown sugar, a litre of water. There has to be some space because during the fermentation gas will be released. The first thing you have to so is dissolve the sugar, then add the peels and finally one tablespoon of yeast to accelerate the process. After three weeks your all-purpose detergent will be ready.

Make sure you check the solution every other day and open the lid to release the gas and shake it. When the solution is ready you’ll have to filter it, use a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Keep in mind it is concentrated and you’ll have to dilute it if you want to rinse vegetables or fruit. Use it in 1:1 proportion for cleaning windows and countertops. Since it is organic and doesn’t contain chemicals you can also use it to clean the microwave.

 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Everyone who has rugs or other textile flooring knows how hard it is to handle stains. There is also the natural amortization and colour fading caused by foot traffic and sunlight exposure. Fortunately we can offer you a solution for the problem. Actually there are few recipes which are really effective and we’ll share them with you. You can also check NCCA, they really have a lot of useful recipes which can help in emergency situations.

The first one is really easy all you need is some baking soda, this is the most useful ingredient in the house so we recommend you have it in stock all the time. Soak up or scrape as much of the stain as you can then generously apply baking soda on the affected area. It has highly absorbent qualities and removes bad odour. We have successfully used it to remove red wine from the couch and coffee form the area rug.

If this doesn’t work you can mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide into a paste. Using your finger gently rub the paste into the fibres and let it dry for an hour or two. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the substance and you’ll be shocked by the results. Of course this is a temporary solution, for lasting results I recommend you hire professional carpet cleaning company. The NCCA suggest it is best to deep clean your carpets and rugs every 12-18 months. For even more useful recipes you can check this article.